Compass 650 Radio Controlled Sailboat (650mm)

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Product Overview

Ready for competition racing or an exciting day sail.

The COMPASS 650mm sailboat provides entry-level sailboating enthusiasts with the perfect model when entering the hobby. The COMPASS comes 95% prebuilt, requiring little preparation time to hit the water. With features like a mini-sail winch servo and a 2.4GHz radio system, this kit enables enthusiasts to easily and affordably get into the hobby.

The sailboat’s intricately-designed hull is made from blow-molded ABS plastic for added strength, durability and great looks. The model’s small size provides ease of use, allows users to run the model in fairly small bodies of water and makes transporting the model easy.

The boat comes pre-rigged and ready for some basic assembly. In about 30 minutes, you’ll be ready to hit the water and begin your journey into the serene world of RC sailboating.

Unibody ABS Plastic Hull

The Unique unibody hull is precision blow-molded from high-strength ABS, and is durable and crack resistant. A sealed, water-resistant deck hatch protects internal electronic components.

Easy Handling and DIY

Easy to assemble and no need to tie any knot. Most of the difficult and time consuming rigging has already been completed for you, making final assembly quick and convenient.

2.4GHz Radio Control

2.4GHz transmitter with proportional controls. 2.4Ghz technology allow more than 20 boats to run at the same time. Have more fun racing your friends!

  • 650mm class designed for RG65 competition, remote control sailboat, wind power.
  • Beginner to Intermediate Level Hobby RC Sailing Boat.
  • Some basic assembly required
  • Easy handling
  • DIY, no need to tie any knot!
  • Perfect size for transportation and maximum fun. The perfect radio control sailboat for a pool, lake, or bay.
  • ABS moulding is durable and smooth.
  • RTR (READY-TO-RUN): Include everything needed to get the model in the water. NOTE: Requires : 8 AA batteries ( 4 for transmitter, 4 for the boats receiver)
  • Length: 650mm (25.6")
  • Beam: 135mm (5.31")
  • Rig Height: 915mm (36.02")
  • Overall Height: 1365mm (53.7")
  • RTR total weight: 1350g
  • Sail area (Mainsail): 1460cm² (226.3 in²)
  • Sail area (Jib): 766cm² (118.73 in²)
  • Sail area (overall): 2226cm² (345.03 in²)
  • Hull material: Moulded ABS with painted finish with logo stickers
  • Sail material: Ripstop nylon (NOTE: Sails are interchangeable with sails from the Joysway DragonForce 65 competition sailboat.)
  • Servos: 17-gram rudder servo, 3kg sail winch servo
  • Ready to race or sail, out of the box with eight AA batteries!
  • Rudder servo and powerful winch servo included.
  • Plastic display stand included.
  • Zinc alloy ballast and Aluminium Alloy Keel.
  • Counterweighted jib.
  • Rubber bow bumper.
  • Instruction manual.
  • Requires : 8 AA batteries ( 4 for transmitter, 4 for the boats receiver)

Ready to Race out of the box means all you will need to provide is your own batteries! Transmitter is provided and receiver is already installed. The Compass 65 is shipped with everything necessary to get started. Preinstalled servo's, preassembled booms, sails, fittings etc. All you need to do is assemble the spars, mast, hang the sails, setup your radio system and go sailing, all without tying a single knot!

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